I'm Dionne Cyprus, a Medical Photographer and part time drummer based in Manchester UK.

The beat it project began last year, when I felt the need to take on something challenging, rewarding and which others would benefit from. I have worked at The Christie Hospital for just over ten years and met many amazing strong individuals along the way, who have taught me valuable life lessons. One of those lessons being, life is short and the time to act on something is now rather than later.

After witnessing my husbands struggle through two seperate incidents of testicular cancer involving radiotherapy and surgeries, I decided to give something back to the hospital that helped us through a difficult time.

My goal is now to combine my love of drumming and portraiture, bringing them together in a plethora of magical imagery to raise funds for, and awareness of men's cancers. This will be done through auctions, an exhibition (venue TBC!), calendars, the list goes on. . .

In order to make my vision a reality, I now need help from drummers far and wide, who are willing to give up a small amount of their time and fabulousness, to sit for a portrait for this very worthwhile cause.



beat it project